Six of the best

May 4, 2010

Here are six really useful wordpress related tips or code snippets I’ve come across today (I’m exploring using a carousel or herobox, in case you’re wondering about the emphasis!):

1. How to find WP category ID
2. How to query multiple categories
3. How to exclude categories from query
4. JQuery Infinite Carousel
5. How to create a JQuery Carousel
6. Five wordpress plugins to boost pageviews


Reverse engineering

May 4, 2010

I’m hoping to create a magazine style website – after some googling I came across a great WordPress theme, Mimbo.

Reverse engineering is the best way to learn and understand website code. Just start changing things and see what happens – then work out why it happened! Stick to using open source code that’s covered by things like the GNU General Public License, and be sure to acknowledge your debts.


May 3, 2010

The last-time I did any coding, geocities street names were all the rage. Back then if you wanted to get remotely creative you had to fork out cash for the privilege of having a CGI-bin.

Perhaps this is why I think WAMP is so amazing. It’s a great piece of freeware that basically allows you to treat a folder on your own PC as a server, use databases, run PHP, MySQL and so on – genius! You can sort out all of your coding or just mess about without having to pay for hosting first.

I installed WAMP and WordPress in a matter of minutes.

I’ve also created some filler content within WordPress – mainly because testing is a lot easier if you already have something to test! If a screen full of “sfljghdfghfkjsdghfsd dfg df fd fdg fd gfdsgdgdsfgfdsgfdgd vbnvbn kjghfdsjkghdsfkjghfkgjdsjkghdfg” doesn’t float your boat, I’ve noticed that many professionals use Lorem Ipsum for this sort of purpose.

I created 10-15 pages in different categories (3+ per category), and added lots of tags.


May 3, 2010

I’m going to make a website. The last time I did this was about 9 years ago.

This blog is going to track the dev work, the trial and error, the useful bits of info I pick up along the way, as well as acknowledging all of the amazing individuals, the unsung army of opensource coders, who give talentless hacks like myself the opportunity to get skilled up.

I’ve chosen PHP over ASP (because support seems more readily available and because i’m a wuss) and I’m going to use wordpress as my CMS.