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May 3, 2010

The last-time I did any coding, geocities street names were all the rage. Back then if you wanted to get remotely creative you had to fork out cash for the privilege of having a CGI-bin.

Perhaps this is why I think WAMP is so amazing. It’s a great piece of freeware that basically allows you to treat a folder on your own PC as a server, use databases, run PHP, MySQL and so on – genius! You can sort out all of your coding or just mess about without having to pay for hosting first.

I installed WAMP and WordPress in a matter of minutes.

I’ve also created some filler content within WordPress – mainly because testing is a lot easier if you already have something to test! If a screen full of “sfljghdfghfkjsdghfsd dfg df fd fdg fd gfdsgdgdsfgfdsgfdgd vbnvbn kjghfdsjkghdsfkjghfkgjdsjkghdfg” doesn’t float your boat, I’ve noticed that many professionals use Lorem Ipsum for this sort of purpose.

I created 10-15 pages in different categories (3+ per category), and added lots of tags.